Vacation Planning: Classic Summer Vacation Ideas for Families

Summer is full of life. The weather is good, and the kids have closed school. Everything screams vacation. Summer is the holiday season, and you shouldn’t let the train pass you. With proper planning, you can afford a trip that your family deserves. Regardless of your budget, you can find many summer vacation ideas for families.

If you’re out of ideas, plan with the classic summer holiday themes in mind. Some traditional ideas that never disappoint include:

A Visit to the Beach

Many of us love the beach. I have never met anyone who has outgrown the love of being in the water on a hot, breezy afternoon. A mere mention of the beach conjures images and memories of the beautiful and hot sand, the ocean and its breeze, and all the smells and sights. Of course, there is also the sipping of cocktails as you watch the sun and the gorgeously tanned bodies.

Your family will love a plan that includes a beach. Depending on your budget, schedule and preference, there are many beautiful beaches to choose from; local and international. Let me share a few excellent places.

How about practicing your Spanish in Barcelona, Spain? The city of Barcelona is a great tourist attraction. The beaches are out of this world not to mention the acclaimed historical and cultural masterpieces.

Your French is better than your Spanish? Hone it at St. Bart’s, the tiny Caribbean outpost that has amazing villas and palm trees lined beaches.

If foreign languages bother you, Florida and Southern California have beautiful, warm and sandy beaches. You will enjoy an exotic domestic vacation at a cheaper price.

A Caribbean Cruise

A cruise around the exotic and beautiful Caribbean is a memorable experience. Your family will enjoy the time in and out of the cruise ship. Over the past decade or so, cruises have become increasingly popular for a handful of reasons.

Camping and Wilderness Adventure

If you love camping and having fun in the wild, you won’t lack awesome destinations. Find a park that offers diverse activities. A destination that complements camping with fishing, hiking, air balloons, and grilling out can be fun. Such a trip can involve a simple and affordable weekend getaway.

Summer means fun. Nothing should stop you and your family from relaxing and letting go. Let your imagination run wild. Plan wisely, stick to your budget and let your wishes and desires take you places where work and stress do not exist.