The Best Beach Destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to one of the most vibrant natural environments across the world. It attracts many tourists every year to its immaculate beaches as well as tropical rainforests. It’s essentially a world-renowned beach vacation destination because of its great range of exotic beaches that offer plenty of remarkable activities for the visitors to enjoy. Diverse landscapes normally offer habitats for the rich flora and fauna, and for the tourists it offers all types of adventure tours such as zip-lining, sport fishing, whitewater rafting and mountain banking among others.

If you are looking for an unforgettable beach vacation, you can pack your summer outfit and head to any of the following beach destinations in Costa Rica:

Playa Montezuma

This particular tiny beach town is located at the southern part of Nicoya Peninsula. Even though it retains a sense of uniqueness, it has definitely weathered fame. Vegetarian yoga enthusiasts, European backpackers, and UFO seekers normally choose this destination over many other beaches in Costa Rica. Waterfalls are usually what set this destination apart from the others. It also stretches for several miles with a number of remote spots to plunk down your mat or towel.


It’s one of the most popular beach destinations in Costa Rica. It has a 3 kilometer clear sand beach and also exquisite in nature. Its warm blue water and stunning sunsets makes it to be one of the tourists favorite beach towns in Costa Rica. This beach offers quite a wide-range of extensive services and activities to the visitors such as sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and horseback riding. Tamarindo offers its visitors a wide range of accommodations, from all inclusive resorts to luxury boutique hotels, vacation rentals, beach hotels, hostels and more. Being a surf town you can find a lot of surf schools, surf-shops and surfboard rentals.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is located in Costa Rica’s central pacific in the province of Puntarenas. This is one of the first beach destinations to become famous in Costa Rica. The region’s most beautiful beaches are located inside the Manuel Antonio National Park, the beach is calm and also the views from some of the hills approaching this park are enchanting. Manuel Antonio is also one of the outstanding habitats for the jeopardized squirrel monkey.

The Beaches Located Around Playa Samara

Located on the north pacific coast, Playa Samara is good enough by itself. However, if you happen to venture slightly beyond it, you will actually find several good and also least developed beaches located along the Guanacaste coast.

If you are planing on coming to Costa Rica and want to experience the best of Costa Rica, we highly advise you to plan your vacation with the help of a specialized travel agency that knows the country. For example if you are a birding enthusiast and want to plan a birdwatching trip to Costa Rica, one reliable travel agency we know and we can recommend is they offer custom Costa Rica birding tours with the best guides.

In our opinion, the above are some of the best beach destinations in Costa Rica that will ensure anyone a vacation of a lifetime.