Costa Rica One Of The Best Surfing Destinations Around The Globe

Surfing is fun, but doing it in the right spot may give you a new hobby. Welcome to Costa Rica, where surfing is a dream come true. Being the smallest country in Central America and ranked at the top of the most visited international destinations for surfers, this is the right spot to get the best out of your surfboard. Here are some of the reasons that make Costa Rica a worldwide top surf destination.


If surfing at the same spot over and over gives you boredom, then Costa Rica is your answer. With hundreds surfing spots, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Not only are these surfing spots less crowded, but also have clear waters, safe, and most importantly the waters have the best waves compared to other places.

With these unbelievable features, most of the Costa Rica’s surfing spots are found at the top list of the best surfing spots around the world. To get a clear understanding why Costa Rica is the best when it comes to surfing, here are brief descriptions of some of the best surfing spots in the region.


Not only is Playa Pavones beautiful, but its weather favors surfing most of the time. The waves are superb, the waters are clear and the best part is that if you can’t let go of your surfboard, then Playa Pavones will prove quite a challenge, why? There is more than enough distance to cover.


If you are looking for a place to spend more time, then Salsa Brava has the greatest offer. Located in the Puerto Viejo’s Caribbean Coast, this is a place to make your weekend the best. The water is clear, it has among the best surfers doing all sorts of tricks just to make you envious. It has the largest and the most powerful waves compared to other places and stopping at the sharp coral reef’s floor makes it the best place to turn surfing into a competition.


Most of the time it is not about the name, but the number. From Intermediate to pro surfers, Playa Guiones is a place to start your surfing lesson and end it as a master. There is more than enough number of schools to back up the fact that it is the most preferred surfing spot in Costa Rica. The intensity of rolling waves is notably flexible. They drop down to favor beginners and rise to give the advanced surfers a challenge, hence making it the best place to learn everything about surfing.


If you’ve never surfed before but interested in surfing, then Playa Hermosa is the place to start your journey. From massive to reasonable swells, this spot suits everyone interested in surfing for many reasons that are, clear waters, being safe for surfing and more. Playa Hermosa gives you a chance to try all sorts of tricks, learn new skills and lastly an opportunity to compete with the good, the better and the best surfers around Costa Rica.

In summary, Costa Rica is a dream home for surfers. The waves favor both the beginners and the pros, it also offers top surf schools at some of its surfing location, for example there are several top notch surf schools in Jacó and Manuel Antonio (Central Pacific Coast) and in Guanacaste (North Pacific Coast) is located what we consider to be the top surf school in Tamarindo Costa Rica (Tamarindo Surf Academy). There is a lot to do and a lot to learn, and if surfing is your dream sport, then you have nowhere to stop, but Costa Rica. If you ask me why is Costa Rica a worldwide top surf destination, there is a chance you won’t wait for all the answers.